Thunder Auctioneers was established in 1996, with a management change in the beginning of 2000.

This association, offers a highly motivated, well connected team of profeassionals who are able to network throughout the country.

We have a comprehensive computerised mailing list enabling us to draw from many areas of the market place.

The Principals involved are :

John Webber (S.A. Citizen)
Government Appointed Appraiser 

De Villiers Pelser (S.A. Citizen)
Government Appointed Appraiser 

In addition, our staff complement comprises of :

Auction Manager
Company Secretary
Admin Manager
Warehouse Staff (* 7)

Company Details

    Office and Warehouse accommodation : Lower Level Hillgate Shopping Centre, Old Main Road, Hillcrest. Approximately 1000m2 of warehouse and storage space.

    24 Hour guard with radio linked to Mobile Armed Response. Our premises are fully enclosed and floodlit.
    Government Appointed Appraiser.

    Banking details : ABSA Trust and Business accounts.

    Goods insurance coverage, Insured for Cash on Premises.

    1,3 Ton vehicle transport available x 2.

    36 Old Main Rd, Suite 1 Lower Level, Hillgate Shopping Center (behind Kwikspar), Hillcrest, 3610.
    Postal Address: PostNet Suite 10123, Private Bag X7005, Hillcrest, 3650

Computer System

Using a comprehensive database operating on Microsoft access, we are able to produce a unique goods number for all loose assets, thereby ensuring absolute accuracy when invoicing and stocktaking.

Vendue Roll

Thunder Auctioneers utilises a program designed exclusively for this company. Every loose asset carries a unique (unrepeated) Goods Number which allows for complete transparency and accurate vendue rolls.

The system is backed up at the end of each day and we make use of an uninterrupted power supply, thereby eliminating possible errors in the event of power failures.

Auction Format

The company provides a fully secure repossession yard and warehouse with 24 hour security and is floodlit to accommodate all repossessed plant, machinery and vehicles.
All assets are valued by Government Appointed Appraisers who are fully aware of current market values.
Appraisals are submitted with a complete detailed description of the related assets.
All assets are fully insured immediately on collection. In addition, such assets are fully insured when in this company's possession. When in this company's possession, vehicle rotors are removed and stored in the Company safe, along with the vehicle keys.
Vehicles and assets will be submitted for sale fully prepared, viz., valet etc., at no extra cost to the client, to enable us to achieve maximum realisation values.
Auctions are conducted in the company warehouse, with vehicles being included in these sales.

Specialised assets and vehicles can be put up for sale, STC "Subject to Confirmation" in order that the Financial Institution may consider the offer before accepting them. This would be discussed before the Auction, with `Reserve Prices` being set on the relevant assets.


No collection fee will be charged with regards to the upliftment of vehicles. However should vehicles not be in running condition, permission will be sought from the instructing party to incur costs for towing.

Upliftment is at a charge on all household goods, machinery and plant, depending on the ammount of trips & the area the goods are being uplifted from.

Buyers commission charges on successful sales will be restricted to 17% (VAT incl.) on loose assets including Household Goods, machinery, Plant, Vehicles and trucks.

Sellers commission charges on successful sales will be restricted to 20% (VAT incl.) on loose assets including Household Goods, machinery, Plant, Vehicles and trucks..

Fixed property will be charged at Estate Agent commission rates, viz., 7% (plus VAT). Advertising costs will be borne by the Seller. To this end an Advertising Schedule will be presented to the Seller by the Auctioneer for their approval.

All purchases are made on a EFT, CASH or BANK GUARANTEED CHEQUE basis only.

Monies are deposited into a TRUST BANKING ACCOUNT and will be paid to the Seller after seven (7) working days, following completion of the sale. Commission on successful sales will be invoiced direct to the client. The onus is on the client to contact our offices to request the payment.


Thunder Auctioneers is by no means the largest Auctioneering firm, but, we can promise that our team is absolutely committed to customer satisfaction. We provide personal service whilst maintaining a high degree of professionalism.